About us

Home Church School Co

Home Church School Co is an online store that sells products for educating children in both church and home settings. This founder for the Christian Children Education has creative ideas on how to supply more products to meet these needs.

Today, the focus has not changed. The Home Church School Co. website provides the most comprehensive presentation of products in addition to various content resources for teachers and parents.

At Home Church School Co., providing great service means striving to offer more than just friendly voices on the phone or helpful answers in online chats.

Our priority is to provide the most diverse range of safe, high-quality products at the lowest possible prices, along with the best service. Through this focus, we take pride in fulfilling our role to contribute to better education for children and their families, and to a better future.

We appreciate that you have the choice of suppliers and thank you for choosing Home Church School Co.

This learning material is created with the purpose of simultaneously achieving children’s spiritual growth and learning acquisition.

We seriously agree that today’s children are exposed to the negative aspects of visually stimulating content and methods rather than the positive aspects of smartphones and computers from a very early age, which has a fatal impact on their spiritual aspect and brain development.

HCS takes these problems seriously, researching and creating these materials to help children first establish the basics and standards of life with God’s wisdom and knowledge before these negative things take root.

For young children including infants, toddlers, and preschoolers who can only access the Bible with the help of adults, Alphabet Bible Story will serve as a children’s Bible that allows children to learn the Bible through their own eyes without being limited by time.

We are confident that the Math Bible Story will significantly help children’s spiritual growth and learning development as it is designed to help them learn all the math concepts independently.